Satchel paige essay

Day and Paige both pitched complete games, with Paige giving up four runs on eight hits and Day giving up one run on five hits for a Grays victory. After the whole commotion the last batter stepped up and Satchel struck him out 1…2…3 and won the game for the Tigers.

And barring a Free Reed box-set, a goodly series of "best-of" discs should be the next best thing. Paige allowed three hits and no walks, and struck out eight, including Ralph Kiner twice.

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Entering the game in the fourth inning, Paige held the Grays scoreless and had six strikeouts and no walks in five innings of relief work to get the win. On October 24 Paige won his first California game 8—1, allowing five hits and striking out 11, including Babe Herman four times.

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Satchel Paige Essay

Matchett pitched the remainder of the game, which the Monarchs won, 9—3, giving them a 3—0 lead in the series. Despite an outstanding season, Paige had a strong competitor for best Negro league pitcher ofthe year-old Slim Jones of the Philadelphia Starswho went 22—3 in league games.

And of course in his choice of songs: Everyone who went to watch the game was disgruntled with the fact of two black players playin the All-Star Game.

Later Lula changed the familys last name from Page to Paige after Leroys fathers death. And let me say at the outset that it finds Roy on finest possible form: Satchel was pitching the last inning with 1 out to go but the game turned sideways after his team commited 3 erros in a row.

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Satchel Paige

As a barnstormer, he would travel as many as 30, miles 48, km a year while pitching for any team willing to meet his price. In a legendary game in Guayama, Paige walked off the mound because he saw a ghost standing next to him. Paige faced Chet Brewer before a crowd of 11, March 16, at 6: If your stomach disputes you, lie down and pacify it with cool thoughts.

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Two big bats for the Indians hit homeruns and gave the indians and Satchel a victory. He entered the Negro leagues playing for the Chattanooga Black Lookouts in Paige won one and lost one in the series and then returned to Birmingham.

The Monarchs held a 1—0 lead in the bottom of the sixth, when Smith walked Larry Doby to lead off the inning, and Paige was called in to relieve. He struck out 17, and only a first inning walk to future Hall of Famer Buck Leonard and an error in the fourth inning prevented it from being a perfect game.

Feller gave up four hits and one walk and struck out two, while Paige gave up just two hits and one walk and struck out seven.

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Playing throughout Kansas, Missouri, the Dakotas, Illinois, and even Utah, [2] large crowds turned out to see Paige throw an inning or two, relying on junkballs. In Cleveland, Paige struck out 13 while beating Dean 4—1, although for that game Dean was playing with a minor league team.

Paige gave up three runs on three hits in the sixth, including a home run to Irvin. Since during that time was the beginning of WWII Satchel pitched many exhibition games to sell war bonds and raise money for war relief charities.

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The highest income athlete during that time. A batboy found and woke him, and he got into uniform just in time for his scheduled start. She's not ready to tell her friends yet, so they keep it a secret, only for the girls to spy them together at the end of Shadow Play. Welcome to your free, online resource on Alabama history, culture, geography, and natural environment.

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Blaise Pascal? John Locke? Benjamin Franklin? Henry David Thoreau? Cicero? Woodrow Wilson? Dear Quote Investigator: I was planning to end a letter with the following remark. If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter. Satchel Paige Timeline.

On copy paper you will create a timeline about Satchel Paige’s life. You must have a total of 10 events for his life: Childhood/Early Life (birthdate/major events). Satchel Paige: Satchel Paige, American professional baseball pitcher whose prowess became legendary during his many years in the Negro leagues; he finally was allowed to enter the major leagues in after the unwritten rule against black players was abolished.

Satchel Paige Essay

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Satchel paige essay
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